Jasmine Pearl

Fujian, China / Camellia sinensis
Jasmine Pearl
A longtime favorite of tea lovers, Jasmine Pearl is made with green tea picked early in the spring and rolled into a pearl shape then stored. After the jasmine harvest, the green tea and jasmine blossoms are stored together for five to seven days to allow the floral essence of jasmine to richly scent the tea. 

The process is lengthy, but yields a beautiful and aromatic cup of tea. This tea can be brewed cold, for an exotic iced tea.   

Quantity:   1 teaspoon (or about 3 grams of pearls) per 8oz cup

Temperature:   185°F - 195°F

Steeping Time:  2 - 5 minutes (longer steep times will yield a stronger tea)

Number of Steepings:  2 - 3

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Jasmine Pearl
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