Mole Olé!

Mexico / House Blend
  • Double sized mole ole whole


The famous mole sauces of central Mexico can be complex affairs at best, some involving upwards of thirty ingredients and cooked for days on end. Delicious versions can be made with somewhat less effort by starting with our Mole Ole! powder, an intricate blend with a strong base of chiles like Pasilla Negro alongside aromatics like anise and true cinnamon and rounded out with cocoa and sesame. We've spotted you the first 17 ingredients, the rest is up to you! 

Add salt and sugar to turn Mole Ole! into a rub for pork or chicken, or add it to chili con carne for a deep, rich, chocolatey taste.

Guajillo Flake, Ancho Chile Flake, Sesame Seed - White, Cocoa Powder - Valrhona, Mulato Chile, Brown Sugar, Paprika - Hungarian, Paprika - Smoked - Sweet, Cinnamon - True, Onion Flake, Garlic - Granules, Oregano - Mexican, Allspice - Guatemalan, Anise Seed, Cumin Seed, and Cloves
Mixed by hand,
Ground to order,
when you order