Kofte Spice

E. Europe / House Blend

  • Double sized kofte whole

Kofte Spice, also called Turkish Baharat, is a wonderful all purpose seasoning with a complementary base of savory and sweet spices, and herbal top notes of peppermint and savory. Chefs in Turkey use this blend as a seasoning for meat dishes such as kofte, grain pilafs, and vegetable dishes. Use Kofte as a rub on lamb prior to grilling. This blend has a great flavor synergy with eggplant, so try perking up your next batch of ratatouille with these flavors of Turkey.

Peppercorn - Black, Coriander Seed - Indian, Cumin Seed, Mace, Savory, Mustard Seed - Yellow, Nutmeg - Ground, Cinnamon - Cassia Indonesian, and Peppermint
Mixed by hand,
Ground to order,
when you order