Chorizo Bomb

World Spice Original
  • Double sized chorizo bomb


There's a reason we call this blend "the bomb." The explosion of flavor comes from a showcase of our best chiles from around the world, from the pasilla oaxaca of southern Mexico all the way to Turkish urfa biber, mixed with a great supporting line up from the herb garden. The heat level is medium and the flavors are rich and smoky.


This versatile blend can be used to make a Mexican-style chorizo, or even a North African-style merguez sausage, as links or patties. It pulls double, triple, and quadruple duty as a great grill seasoning, taco and fajita spice, or in simple beans and rice.

Cumin Seed, Paprika - Smoked - Sweet, Pasilla Oaxaca, Garlic - Chopped, Urfa Biber, Guajillo Flake, Chipotle Chile Flake, Paprika - Hungarian, Marjoram, Thyme, Oregano - Mexican, and Oregano - Turkish
  • Double sized chorizo bomb
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