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Mystic Licorice Tea

World Spice Original

What wonders lie in the depths of this cup? Rich and invigorating, sweet and subtly spicy, our mystic licorice blend is a perfect companion for any time of day. Licorice root brings a complex earthy sweetness to the cup, complemented by the warm flavors of clove and orange peel, while ginger root and cassia bark provide just enough spice.

Brewing Instructions: Brew 4-6 minutes at 210°F; 1 steeping.

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Max Mcfarland
6 months ago

I like to mix this tea together with Emerald Mist. Makes a great combo.

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Licorice Root, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Orange, Ginger, Euro. Coriander, Cloves, and Blk Pepper
  • Double sized mystic licorice
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