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Our organic Matcha is made with 100% of the Yabukita cultivar.  Yabukita became very popular in Japan due to the high yield farmers realized and its wonderful umami flavor.  The name "Yabukita" derives from the place where the tea originated - a bamboo bush (Yabu) and the northern region of Japan (Kita).   The Yabukita cultivar is also known for its vigorous upright branching and its intense green-tea flavor.

Organic and sugar-free, this finely milled green tea can also be used in baked goods like matcha short bread cookies or simply blended into your breakfast smoothie for vibrant energy. 

Brewing Suggestions: Two grams of Matcha is fine for 2 ounces of water.  For service hot, use lower temperature water (145-165 F) and the tea will serve to a sweeter, smoother taste profile.  Higher temperatures will bring out stronger green tea notes with some astringency.  One and a half minutes is a possible steep time, taste and see if it fits your palate.  For blended beverages, we advise you experiment a bit and determine the strength and taste you enjoy. 

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