Butterfly Pea Flower

South East Asia / Clitoria ternatea
Butterfly Pea Flower
If you are looking for your next tabletop stunner, look no further. Butterfly Pea Flower infuses easily into water for tea, alcohol or syrups for cocktails and deserts and even soups and sauces. The color ranges from intense blue with plain water to lavender and pink depending on the contents of the infusion and the sky's the limit with this one. The flavor is mild, neutral and slightly grassy so it is easily overcome by whatever flavors you put with it, but the color remains simply stunning.

Quantity:   2 - 3 teaspoons per cup

Temperature:   210°F

Steeping Time:  5 - 6 minutes

Number of Steepings:  1

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Butterfly Pea Flower
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