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Peppercorn - Voatsiperifery
Peppercorn - Voatsiperifery
Peppercorn - Voatsiperifery
Madagascar / Piper borbonense
Flat rate shipping $5.95 on domestic orders.‡
Direct from the rainforests of Madagascar, we're pleased to offer voatsiperifery. A close relative of black pepper, this single-origin pepper variety, Piper borbonense, is intensely aromatic and exotically spiced. Crush them in a mortar and inhale the scent of piney rainforest and jungle flowers. These little peppercorns are tiny in size but mighty in flavor. The scent of this pepper is so strong it permeates the forests when the fruits are ripe on the vine!
Your purchase of voatsiperifery directly supports the conservation and restoration of the Malagasy rainforest via the Phoenix Conservancy. Their mission is to restore endangered ecosystems for the benefit of the communities that depend on them and for the conservation of biodiversity. In Madagascar, they are using voatsiperifery and other native species to develop a sustainable, locally-led agroforestry economy to empower rural communities, incentivize restoration of rainforest in perpetuity, and improve their living standards in the region.
This crop of voatsiperifery peppercorns were harvested by hand from the rainforests around Ranomafana National Park, which is located in central eastern Madagascar, in late November and early December of 2021. Each jar contains 20 grams, about 2 tablespoons.

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