Ghost Chile Flake

India / Capsicum annum

  • Double sized chile ghost chile flake
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UPDATE: We have a limited quantity of freshly ground Ghost Chile. This powder is a convenient and potent form of this spice. If you would like POWDER, please indicate your preference in the special instructions field of your order. As always with Ghost Chile, use with caution.

Ghost chile, or bhut jolokia, is an atomically hot chile from the Assam region of Northeast India. It boasts a rating of 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale; the unit of measure for heat in chiles. For comparison, the fiery habanero rates only 200,000.

As the hottest naturally occurring chile in the world, ghost chile flakes will lend a power punch of heat- in addition their signature fruitiness- to chilis, soups, enchilada sauces, and even brownies. USE SPARINGLY!

Out of Stock
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