Cascade Mushroom Mix

World Spice Original

  • Double sized cascade m mix

Around these parts, we go a little crazy for mushrooms. Musroom picking, mushroom festivals, mushroom societies... we do it all. Old legends even claim that deep within the misty rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, there grows an ultimate mushroom which will bring transcendent flavor to any dish. We're still looking for the legendary mushroom, but to honor the mycological traditions of the Pacific Northwest, we created our own Cascade Mushroom Mix.
This blend features ground porcini mushrooms alongside powdered worcestershire to create a quintessential "umami" taste that adds a rich and hearty body to your dishes and brings out the deepest flavor from any cut of meat. Cascade Mushroom Mix works great as a standalone blend, or paired with other blends to make a combined seasoning.

One of our bestselling blends, you can also purchase Cascade Mushroom Mix in one of our Gift Jars.

Porcini, Alderwood Smoked Salt, Onion Flake, Worcestershire, Garlic - Chopped, Peppercorn - Black, and Allspice - Guatemalan
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