Peppercorn - Black - Tellicherry

India / Piper nigrum
  • Double sized peppercorn tellicherry whole dark

Black pepper. It inspired the Age of Discovery, once trading for a price above gold. Not bad for a seasoning! Five centuries later, it remains a favorite.

Tellicherry is a renowned grade of pepper because of the large size of the peppercorns and the mature flavor that goes along with it. Originally named for a region of the Malabar coast along India's western flank, Tellicherry-grade pepper is bold, with delicious complexity and a mild, quickly dissipating heat. The aroma of this pepper is robust, with layers of complex spice and earthiness and a floral-citrus top note.

We bring in a fresh crop of whole Tellicherry peppercorns every year for maximum freshness, and recommend grinding them right before use to experience optimal flavor.

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