Long Pepper

Balinese / Piper refractum
  • Double sized long pepper

Once hailed by Romans as the ultimate peppery spice, these wild long peppers disappeared into culinary obscurity with the domestication of their cousin, the black peppercorn.Their flavor is deep and complex, with a pepper bite followed by an earthy pungency, a sweet hint of cardamom and nutmeg, and a bouquet of floral notes.

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Jim Turner
7 months ago

I use Long Pepper in a Pepper-Lemon-Salt rub for Chicken Wings. 3 parts Long Pepper, 2 Parts Granulated Lemon, 1 Part Sea salt, processed in a Vitamix until fine. The wings are sprinkled with the rub, baked in the oven at 400, turned 4 times on a sprayed wire rack over a foil lined cookie sheet. These wings turn out crispy and delicious.

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Sherrie Hahn
6 months ago

Sounds delicious!

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