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Za'atar - Israeli

House Blend
  • Double sized zaatar israeli 2


Za'atar is a time honored spice blend, and regional variations are beloved throughout the Middle East. This Israeli version is a simple mix of herbs, toasted sesame seeds and sumac. Try it as a sprinkle on vegetables, chicken or fish or simply mix with good olive oil to form a paste, spread on a pita, and toast until crisp. You can almost picture the street vendors in a bustling bazaar selling this time honored treat.


Try a sprinkle of this blend on some hummus or enjoy our Israeli Za'atar Flatbread. For an exotic fall vegetable side dish, check out these Brussels Sprouts with za'atar and Nigella.

Sesame Seed - White, Sumac, Oregano - Turkish, Dill Weed, Thyme, and Kosher Salt
  • Double sized zaatar israeli 2
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