Smokin' Hot Garlic Pepper

N. America / House Blend
Smokin' Hot Garlic Pepper
YOWZA! Put the spark back in your life with Smokin' Hot Garlic Pepper. On a scale of 1-10, this blend is an 11. Not for the faint of heart. To a traditional garlic pepper base, we've added chipotle and habanero for an intense, smoky, heat. A hint of orange peel and marjoram round out the blend. Try it as a grill seasoning, table condiment or added to sauces and salad dressings. 

Blk Pepper, Garlic, Kosher Salt, Euro. Coriander, Orange, Chipotle, Habanero, Lemon Crystal, Smoked Paprika, and Marjoram

Smokin' Hot Garlic Pepper
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