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Sassy Steak Spice

House Blend
  • Double sized sassy steak spice


Far more bold and exotic than most traditional steak rubs, our Sassy Steak Spice was born out of a craving for a steak rub with Latin American flair. We've used chipotle flakes and Alderwood smoked salt for smokiness, Mexican oregano for an herbacious feel, and rounded it all out with long pepper, Urfa biber... and, yes, Vietnamese cinnamon.  Our Sassy Steak Spice has quite a few admirers, and will make one out of you, too.

Garlic - Chopped, Alderwood Smoked Salt, Urfa Biber, Chipotle Chile Flake, Oregano - Mexican, Long Pepper, Italian Sea Salt, Cumin Seed, and Cinnamon - Cassia Vietnamese
  • Double sized sassy steak spice
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