Dukkah - Hazelnut

N. Africa / House Blend
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A traditional blend from Egypt, this savory mix of herbs, spices, salt and nuts offers unique flavor and texture. Present freshly ground Dukkah alongside olive oil as a flavorful dip for crusty bread, or sprinkle some on baked flatbread, grain or vegetable salads.

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Max Mcfarland
10 months ago

Dukkah with fresh bread and some oil, as suggested, is a great alternative to chips and dip for game nights or gatherings.

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Julie's Empanadas
10 months ago

I like to sprinkle Dukkah on top of soup just before serving.

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Hazelnuts, Cumin, Black Sesame, Euro. Coriander, Flake Salt, Marjoram, Thyme, and Blk Pepper
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