Curry - Tandoori

India / House Blend

  • Double sized curry tandoori whole

Tandoori Curry gets its name from the traditional clay oven of India called a Tandoor. Seasonings are traditionally mixed with yogurt and used to marinate cuts of meat before they are cooked in the the searing, smoky heat, which often exceeds 500 degrees. Don't have a tandoor? Use Tandoori Curry and yougurt to marinate the meat before your next cook-out and grill over high heat.

Coriander Seed - Indian, Ginger - Powder, Cumin Seed, Paprika - Hungarian, Turmeric, Cinnamon - Cassia Indonesian, Peppercorn - Black, India Red Chile Flake, Mace, and Celery Seed
Mixed by hand,
Ground to order,
when you order