Chinese Five Spice

China / House Blend
  • Double sized chinese five spice whole

The beautifully balanced flavors of Chinese Five Spice merge to create one of the world's great spice blends. It engages the whole palate with all five flavors in perfect measure. Try adding a pinch of Chinese Five Spice to your next stir-fry, or rub it on chicken, pork or beef with a bit of sea salt prior to roasting. We also love to use it in baking! Learn how to make the blend and use it in a range of recipes with World Spice at Home

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David Yao
12 months ago

I just sprinkle it on orange slices for breakfast - I'm hooked on the combo (goes well with pineapple slices, too). Try it!

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Amanda Bevill
12 months ago

Love this idea!

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Fennel, Star Anise, Cloves, Indo. Cinnamon, Blk Pepper, and Szechuan Pepper
Mixed by hand,
Ground to order,
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