Pu-erh - Large Leaf

Yunnan, China / Camellia sinensis
Pu-erh - Large Leaf
Truth? It looks like something you may have raked up out of the yard, but it wouldn't be a pu-erh without a little funk, right? This exotic Large Leaf Pu-erh has beautiful minerality and a dank aroma of wet earth after a good rain. Aged in caves, and best enjoyed over multiple steepings, pu-erh teas impart a distinct range of flavors unlike any other tea. 

Quantity:   3 - 4 grams per 8oz cup, adjust to taste.

Temperature:   195°F - 210°F

Steeping Time:  1 - 2 minutes

Number of Steepings:  3 - 10

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Pu-erh - Large Leaf
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