Pu Erh 1979 Tea Sachets

China / Camellia sinensis
  • Double sized pu erh sachet
Whimsical and functional, these unique pyramidal sachets are filled with the same fine loose leaf tea we carry in our shop and they can be re-steeped like loose tea too! The sachets have plenty of room inside, allowing for optimum water circulation around the tea leaves and that yields superior flavor. Each box contains ten sachets made from 100% biodegradable, plant based material making them perfect for work or travel or anywhere you want the quality of a loose leaf tea with all the convenience of a tea bag.

This ripe pu-erh delivers the earthy quality we love in pu-erh, but comes across clean and smooth. Like other pu-erh teas the tea soup will become more sweet with each steeping. 

Brewing Instructions: Brew 1 to 2 minutes at about 210°F; 3 to 10 steepings.

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