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Phoenix Oolong
Phoenix Oolong
Phoenix Oolong
Guangdong, China / Oolong Blend
Flat rate shipping $5.95 on domestic orders.‡
This high mountain oolong is hand-plucked from plants over 100 years old and expertly finished.  Its 35-40% oxidation contributes to the the stone fruit aroma and flavors of Lychee fruit and hints of charcoal that follow. The tea starts woodsy and evolves into delicate sweet notes. with an aroma of lilac and brown sugar. 

The long and twisted leaves with charcoal tips make Phoenix Oolong a beautiful presentation tea.

Quantity:   1 - 2 teaspoons per 8oz cup

Temperature:   190°F- 205°F

Steeping Time:  1 - 2 minutes

Number of Steepings:  1 - 4
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