Chai - Chipotle

House Blend
Chai - Chipotle

The mild, smoky heat of chipotle chile is a perfect addition to the spices in a traditional chai mix. This blend is perfect for cold, wet winter days when you're in need some belly warming comfort. 

Definitely nontraditional, Chipotle Chai is not for the faint at heart. 

Choose a black tea such as ASSAM to complete the beverage or for a caffeine-free treat, ROOIBOS is a good substitution for a black tea.

Brewing SuggestionsBrew at 6 minutes at 210°F and combine a brewed black tea. Add milk and sweetner to taste.

Ginger, Orange, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Chipotle, Blk Pepper, Blk Pepper, and Cloves

Chai - Chipotle
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