Pepperberry - Tasmanian

Australia / Tasmannia lanceolata
Pepperberry - Tasmanian

The Tasmanian pepperberry is a rare find, native to Australia and wild harvested only from the island of Tasmania. It yields a range of flavors that astound the palate- from floral and camphor to a tingly pepper bite. The first time we tasted it, we were certain that we were being dazzled by a wonderful spice blend when in fact it was simply the one pepperberry. These berries should only be ground right before use, and it's easy to DIY at home in a mortar & pestle or electric blade grinder. The flavors are worth the effort.

The spectrum of flavors in these pepperberries infuse beautifully into aioli, sauces, honey, cocktails, and vinaigrettes; along with an intense pink/purple hue. They can be used in place of black pepper in all the usual ways, and don't ever cook them too long. They truly shine as a finishing touch on everything from steak to sliced tomatoes and fresh watermelon.

Pepperberry - Tasmanian
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