Pepperberry - Tasmanian

Australia / Tasmannia lanceolata
  • Double sized peppercorn tasmanian
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SUPPLY UPDATE: Extremely dry conditions in many parts of Australia, including Tasmania, have had a dramatic impact on the crop of Tasmanian pepper berry this year. The last three months of 2015 saw record low rainfall, which coincides with the growing cycle of the pepperberry plant. The plant flowers in October, and the berries grow over the next three months before harvest in February.

The conditions this year have resulted in an exceptionally poor harvest, and as a result we will not be stocking any Tasmanian pepperberry from the 2016 harvest. We hope to receive our next shipment in spring 2017.

The Tasmanian pepperberry is a rare find, native to Australia and wild harvested only from the island of Tasmania. It yields a range of flavors that astound the palate- from floral and camphor to a tingly pepper bite. The first time we tasted it, we were certain that we were being dazzled by a wonderful spice blend when in fact it was simply the one pepperberry. These berries should only be ground right before use, and it's easy to DIY at home in a mortar & pestle or electric blade grinder. The flavors are worth the effort.

The spectrum of flavors in these pepperberries infuse beautifully into aioli, sauces, honey, cocktails, and vinaigrettes; along with an intense pink/purple hue. They can be used in place of black pepper in all the usual ways, and don't ever cook them too long. They truly shine as a finishing touch on everything from steak to sliced tomatoes and fresh watermelon.

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