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Join Spice Club and get a curated selection of seasonal spices, inspiring recipes, and valuable discounts delivered to you throughout the year. Each one-year membership includes four limited-edition spice boxes tailored for seasonal cooking, each with four half-cup jars of fresh spice, links to seasonal recipes, and a members-only discount code. You'll always have fresh ideas and fresh flavors for your table.

Spice boxSpring Spice Box

Double sized orange tarragon whole
The classic combination of orange and tarragon is made whole with shallots, chives and Tellicherry black pepper in this playful blend. It is an ideal choice for spring cuisine.

Double sized ayam whole
Can a flavor be like an island breeze? Yes! The subtlety of this light Indonesian curry allows the flavors of your dish to shine through instead of overpowering.

Double sized marash
We chose Marash Chile Flakes for this spice box for their light, complex flavor and versatility. Perfect for sauces and vinaigrettes for spiring vegetables the flavor is bright and sunny with a medium heat level.

Double sized coriander indian whole

Indian coriander adds a light savory flavor with creamy citrus top-notes to all manner of dishes. Perfect for spring it pairs well with vegetables, seafood and chicken. Indian coriander also makes a surprisingly delightful addition to baked goods and breakfast cereal.

Sneak peeksSneak Peeks

Taste what's next with pre-release samples of new spices and blends.

DiscountsMember-Only Discounts

Save on spices all year long with members-only discount codes delivered to your inbox.

Travel kitFree Travel Kit

Receive a free travel kit when you join up and fill it with your favorite spices.

Double sized spice box spring 2019 Double sized travel kit

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Get fresh flavors delivered seasonally when you join Spice Club. For one price get 4 seasonal spice boxes, members only discounts, travel kit, and sneak peeks. Join anytime for a full year of flavor for yourself or gift it to a friend.

The Fine Print
  • Your first spice club box and free travel kit will ship when you join, and the next three boxes will arrive seasonally.
  • Boxes ship on or about April 15th, July 15th, October 15th and January 15th.
  • Discount codes will be sent via email at the time boxes are shipped. Please set your email filters to receive messages from [email protected]
  • Each discount code is valid for one time use and is valid until the next code arrives.