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Recipes with Yucatan Rojo

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Mexican Street Corn

| Amanda Bevill

Side Dishes, Bbq

Full of flavor and a crowd pleasing party food, Mexican Street Corn has become a seasonal favorite. The rich roasted corn topped with creamy sauce is the perfect base for our . The spices are subtle and complement the corn with hints of cumin, allspice and true cinnamon. Annat...

Grain-Free Yucatan Tamales

| Amanda Bevill


What could be more enticing than a tender, fragrant home-made tamale? Pillowy soft steamed masa on the outside, secret pockets of glorious filling and sauce on the inside. Home-made food is all about the love, and this recipe has that and more, because it's also all about the ...

Pumpkin Seed Dip with Yucatan Rojo Spiced Oil

| Amanda Bevill

Appetizers, Tailgating, Snacky Bits

This traditional Yucatan dip, known as Sikil Pak, is made from a base of ground pumpkin seeds, or pepitas. On it's own, it has a fresh, creamy, nutty taste, lighter in flavor but similar in texture to a traditional hummus dip. But when drizzled with our Yucatan Rojo spiced oil...

Yucatan Rojo Fish Tacos

| World Spice

Bbq, Entrees

I don't know about you, but this sunshine activates my wanderlust something fierce! Long days, hot sun... I crave a remote beach and what I like to call "barefoot cuisine." Short of a trip to the Yucatan, these tacos do just the trick! These tacos are perfect summer fare, get...