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Recipes with Worcestershire

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Irish Rarebit

| Jamie Aragonez

Brunch, Entrees

What is Rarebit anyway? Think beer and cheese fondue on toast. A perfect snack for a St. Patrick's Day buffet, this Irish twist on a classic is boldly spiced with mustard and Worcestershire powders and, of course, a spot of Guinness. Rye bread gives the toast a stand-up flavor...

Nigella Caesar Dressing

| Jamie Aragonez

Sauces & Dressings, Salads

This genius twist on Caesar dressing is a snap to make and boasts all the flavors in a classic Caesar. The twist? We've managed to make it vegan and low cholesterol with a little spice magic. Worcestershire powder is the umami bomb instead of the traditional anchovy, and black...

Sassy Bacon Draped Meatloaf

| Amanda Bevill

Comfort Food, Entrees

I've finally nailed a simple and satisfying meatloaf recipe! A generous loaf draped in bacon is always a universal hit, but with classic comfort food, the brilliance is in the details. What set this loaf apart from all the rest was quick sauté on the onions before mixing them ...

Caribbean Curry Carrot Soup

| World Spice


A word of advice from a novice gardener: Carrots are much bigger than carrot seeds. Somehow, fifty-odd square feet of garden space doesn't seem like that much when it's being planted, but it can produce a surprising haul, most especially in the carrot department. Praise be tha...

Memphis Beale St. BBQ Brisket with Whiskey Sauce

| World Spice

Bbq, Tailgating, Entrees

Beef brisket is one of my favorite cuts of meat. When cooked just right, it is incredibly tender and flavorful, and one of the most affordable cuts to boot! However there are an abundance of horror stories out there of under or overcooked brisket that end up tough, dry, chewy,...