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Recipes with Vanilla

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Sweet Tea Moon Pies

| Jamie Aragonez

Desserts, Snacky Bits

Get ready to celebrate Pie Day on 3.14 with Sweet Tea Moon Pies! Inspired by our Southern roots, this recipe is steeped in childhood nostalgia. For those of you who've never had the pleasure, Moon Pies are a graham cracker cookie sandwich, filled with marshmallow, and dipped i...

Saffron Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

| Amanda Bevill


There's no shortage of pumpkin pairings these days, and the beloved spicing tends to be loud and proud. But why not switch it up? Winter is long and there are pumpkins aplenty. For a mellow change of pace, we explored a pivot to the sweet side with saffron and vanilla in this ...

Memorable Father's Day Martinis

| Jamie Aragonez

Beverages, Cocktails

Some of our father figures are known for their no-nonsense attitudes while other times their wit is endless. Either way, we've got a martini for him! For practical, no-nonsense Dad, we polished a classic Gibson martini with savory house-made pickled pearl onions. For sweet & s...

Tea Picnic

| Jamie Aragonez


This post is for those of us who like the crusts cut off. The extra effort and attention that goes into making these beautiful tea sandwiches shows in every detail — the sweet shapes, the colorful combinations and, as always, the thoughtful flavor pairings. Make a platter for ...

Fig Ras el Hanout Clafoutis

| Jamie Aragonez

Desserts, Breakfast, Brunch

The spicy aromas wafting out of our storefront next to Pike Place Market bring in all sorts of curious noses off the street. There's no one spice that exactly mimics that unique scent, but is probably the next best thing! Our signature recipe for this classic Middle Eastern b...

Summer Fruit Papillotes and Lavender Ice Cream (Papillotes de fruits de l'ete et glace a la lavande)

| Sherrie Hahn

Desserts, Brunch

Food is considered by the French to be one of life's greatest pleasures, and author Béatrice Peltre celebrates that with her beautiful blog and cookbooks. In her cookbook, My French Family Table, she definitely takes advantage of spring and summer produce to make gorgeous sala...

Chinese Five Spice Apple Cake

| Amanda Bevill

Desserts, Snacks

This simple apple cake was baked by my great-grandmother on a wood stove over 100 years ago, and I'm happy to still be cooking it today. This recipe is timeless, rustic and highlights the flavors of both the apples and the spice. This old family recipe was one of the first tha...