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Recipes with Svaneti Seasoned Salt

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Grilled Svaneti Bread

| Jamie Aragonez

Side Dishes, Tailgating, Bread & Pasta

Making flatbread can be intimidating, but don't let that hold you back! This recipe shows that it can be easy, quick, and absolutely delectable. This grilled bread is rustic and fun to tear apart. We used whole wheat flour to give it a fantastic chew and nutty flavor. Don't ...

Compound Butter with Seasoning Salt

| Amanda Bevill

Sauces & Dressings, Bbq

I love the flavor trinity of corn + butter + salt, so this recipe for compound butter immediately popped to mind. It is an easy way to take a good thing and make it even better with the addition of spice. Grilled corn is amazing, butter makes it better and the seasoning salt i...

Svaneti Seasoned Salt Kale Chips

| World Spice

Snacky Bits

I adore kale. The moment I discovered this particular leafy green it immediately beat out broccoli and chard at the top of my favorite vegetable list. Luckily for me it is available practically year-round here in the Northwest, and right now there are some exceptionally beauti...