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Recipes with Sesame Seeds

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Long Life Noodle Soup

| Jamie Aragonez

Soups, Entrees

Inspired by the upcoming Lunar New Year, this 30 minute meal is a spicy aromatic explosion bound to leave you optimistic for whatever the future has in store. Traditionally, the noodles  eaten during lunar new year celebrations are made extra long to symbolize longevity; the l...

Mayan Cocoa Frozen Custard

| Jamie Aragonez


Frozen custard is luscious, silky, and decadent. When it melts, its creamy richness cools you off as you enjoy the explosion of chocolate flavor. In this recipe, we used our which not only makes a tasty drinking chocolate but also a seasoned custard with warm spices like true...

Chinese Five Spice Fudge Pops

| Jamie Aragonez

Desserts, Snacks

Make these fun and flavorful fudge-pops for any occasion, they are a festive treat! Chinese Five Spice is sweet with fennel and star anise and sassy with cloves and Sichuan pepper. Cinnamon is the fifth ingredient and when you bring it all together with dark chocolate it's a m...

Tofu Salad with Gomasio and Chili Threads

| Jamie Aragonez

Salads, Entrees

If you're not a fan of tofu, this salad may convert you. Tofu is a sponge and it takes on any flavor you marinate it in, so the right seasoning can totally transform this healthy protein. We spiced it up this time, and infused the tofu overnight in soy sauce, ginger, and garl...

Chow Fun - lemongrass sausage, pea vines, mint

| Sherrie Hahn


Our September 2018 Cookbook Club selection i\was from James Beard Best Chef-nominee Rachel Yang, who with her husband, Seif Chirchi, owns three restaurants in Seattle (Joule, Trove, and Revel) and one in Portland (Revelry). My Rice Bowl - korean cooking outside the lines is a ...

Fresh Herb Falafel

| Max Mcfarland

Side Dishes, Entrees, Snacky Bits

When we sat down to plan September 2016's World Spice Cookbook Club, this recipe immediately jumped off the page as one we had to try.  Truly well executed falafel is a revelation to the palate, and this recipe provides exactly that. For more such recipes, be sure to check out...

Take Out-Fake Out: Lemon Chicken

| Amanda Bevill

Comfort Food, Entrees

Many foods convey a sense of place, and Chinese take-out is no exception. There's no better place than home on a stormy night to receive warm cartons of delicious lemon chicken dripping with sauce. Sadly, some of us live outside the delivery area and that's where take out-fake...