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Recipes with Savory

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Black Garlic Standing Potato Gratin

| Amanda Bevill

Side Dishes

Whether they're mashed, scalloped, fried, or baked, potatoes will always have a special place in my heart and at the holiday table. This casserole does them justice with a show-stopping presentation and a flavor profile that'll have your guests scrambling to discover the secre...

Baked Brie with Savory and Caramelized Onions

| Jamie Aragonez

Holiday, Appetizers

This impressive baked Brie is proof positive that cheese can be a complete meal if you're so inclined. Artfully wrapped in puff pastry, the presentation is fancy, but is easy to make and the layers of flavor are equally spectacular. A caramelized onion jam is hidden beneath th...

Savory Smashed Potatoes

| Jamie Aragonez

Side Dishes, Brunch

Enjoy the best of crispy and creamy in one bite with these savory smashed potatoes. A simple side dish where the texture and flavor are fantastic and the dish is very easy to make. Boil  and cool the potatoes first, then smash, season and bake to make this delicious dish. The ...

Savory White Bean Soup

| Jamie Aragonez

Soups, Entrees

Creamy white beans, aromatic savory and perfectly cooked vegetables make this rustic soup a mid-winter delight. With a nod to the upcoming Mardi Gras season we've brightened the dish with Bay Leaf & Black Pepper Lemon Paste. The soup is a quick cook and makes the perfect weekn...

Wild Rice with Savory and Oyster Mushrooms

| Jamie Aragonez

Side Dishes

 Healthy and versatile, this side dish has a great combination of texture and flavor. The nutty base of wild rice is studded with crisp chunks of tart apple and chewy cranberries, although dried tart cherries would also be delicious.These complement the umami of the mushrooms ...

Herbes de la Garrigue

| Sherrie Hahn

Soups, Entrees

Herbes de la Garrigue is similar to the more famous herb blend from Provence but with the hearty additions of rosemary, fennel, mint and Turkish bay leaf. Try it on grilled meats, to flavor home baked breads, in a pot of soup, or anywhere you'd like some of the rustic flavors ...