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Recipes with Poudre Douce

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Poudre Douce Almond Cake

| Jamie Aragonez


Poudre Douce, or "sweet powder," is a delightfully simple mix of sugar and spice handed down from Medieval and Renaissance cookery. This almond cake is a perfect way to try it. Combined with the marzipan, the Poudre Douce creates a mouthwatering aroma. The texture of this cake...

Bejeweled Spice Cake

| World Spice

Holiday, Desserts

 The holy trinity of baking spices: ginger, cassia-cinnamon and allspice combine in this traditional medieval spice blend called Poudre Douce. It makes this upside-down fruit cake an essential for the winter holidays -- and it's a table-top stunner, too! We made a festive sele...