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Recipes with Mayan Cocoa

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Mayan Cocoa Frozen Custard

| Jamie Aragonez


Frozen custard is luscious, silky, and decadent. When it melts, its creamy richness cools you off as you enjoy the explosion of chocolate flavor. In this recipe, we used our which not only makes a tasty drinking chocolate but also a seasoned custard with warm spices like true...

Naughty Mayan Cocoa

| Jamie Aragonez

Beverages, Cocktails

Sweet and slightly spicy, Mayan Cocoa captures the indulgent spirit of the season. This decadent spice blend adds spicy notes like chile, cinnamon, allspice to a base of rich Valrhona cocoa powder for a bold beverage with multiple layers of flavor. To add a boozy kick, we opte...

Mayan Cocoa Pumpkin Bark

| Amanda Bevill

Desserts, Snacks

It's no secret that nuts and chocolate are a delicious pairing, and we never tire of finding new ways to combine them. In this pumpkin bark, toasted pumpkin seeds take center stage with dark chocolate, Mayan Cocoa and Cinnamon Toast Spice. The hints of allspice and chile are d...