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Recipes with Matcha

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Irish Potato Candy

| Jamie Aragonez


A bit of a misnomer, these candies contain no potato or are from Ireland! They have Philadelphia roots and resemble an adorable spud and no heat is required. The inside is a mixture of coconut and cream cheese and they get their festive green color from green tea. A quick rol...

Peep Parade

| Amanda Bevill

Holiday, Desserts

Nothing says "spring" like a pastel Peep parade. These rustic cuties are fun and super easy to make. Kids young and old will have fun messing around with the powdered sugar and sticky cut-outs. Plan ahead for parade day, as each batch of marshmallows needs to dry overnight bef...

Matcha Smoothie Bowl

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Brunch

Food should be a feast for the senses and this stunning breakfast bowl is made visually vibrant with  powder. This nutrient dense green tea powder gives you a boost of energy and anti-oxidants in every teaspoon. The color is intense, but the mild vegetal flavor pairs with all ...

Scary-Good Shortbread Cookies

| Jamie Aragonez


Boo! Now THIS is playing with food. Let your creativity run wild, or scary, or holiday with this simple shortbread recipe. There are endless flavor combinations. The shortbread is buttery and not too sweet which makes it easily adaptable to a range of flavors and a perfect pai...