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Recipes with Kala Masala

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Kala Masala Almond Cookies

| Jamie Aragonez

Desserts, Snacky Bits

Pain d'amande is a classic French almond cookie. Thin and crispy, and not overly sweet, they make an excellent accompaniment to tea or coffee. A stack of these cookies wrapped up with string makes a quaint gift, and happens to be exactly how we first came to try them. Since o...

Coconut Cashew Kala Masala

| Jamie Aragonez


Stewed root vegetables in a velvety gravy made from cashews and coconut milk makes a wonderful Fall comfort food dish that is warming, indulgent and healthy all at the same time. The cashews make the sauce and add a delicious crunch to this dish. Our spice blend adds another ...

Kala Masala Shrimp Cakes

| Jamie Aragonez

Appetizers, Entrees

is an Indian spice blend, named for the dark color of its ingredients, which are often toasted before use. Sweet spices like and tangy make this blend an excellent seasoning on seafood, and especially good on shellfish. We used as the signature flavor in these shrimp cake...

Kala Masala Skillet Cornbread

| Sherrie Hahn

Side Dishes, Comfort Food, Bread & Pasta

This savory cornbread knocked our collective socks off at first bite. Our spice blend is a complex one, and that complexity of flavor transfers easily to the skillet cornbread.  There's a tiny bit of heat from some guajillo chiles in the blend that is balanced perfectly by a ...