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Recipes with Indonesian Ayam

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Spiced Tofu with Coconut Cream

| Jamie Aragonez


This vegan dish is luscious and bold, but dish takes only minutes to make. Rich in flavor and textures, the crispy tofu gets bathed in a silky coconut cream sauce seasoned with our Indonesian Ayam. Our Indonesian Ayam seasoning is a mild curry that is sweet and earthy, so when...

Cold Ayam Apple Soup

| Amanda Bevill


One of the advantages of this soup is the fact that you can make it ahead of time and it’s ready to eat whenever you are. Or wherever you are, seeing as this is a quintessential British picnic dish meant to be served cold. The Indonesian Ayam gives it a gentle curry-like flavo...

Grilled Chicken and Pineapple with Ayam Peanut Sauce

| Amanda Bevill

Bbq, Tailgating, Entrees

Ayam peanut chicken has been on my summer menu for years, and this updated version is the best one yet. Our spice lends the peanut sauce a special flavor to peanut sauce that puts it over the top. The spicing is notable but not overpowering and paired with peanut and citrus m...

Take Out-Fake Out: Lemon Chicken

| Amanda Bevill

Comfort Food, Entrees

Many foods convey a sense of place, and Chinese take-out is no exception. There's no better place than home on a stormy night to receive warm cartons of delicious lemon chicken dripping with sauce. Sadly, some of us live outside the delivery area and that's where take out-fake...