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Recipes with Hojicha Powder

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Spice Cream

| Shauna Armitage

Breakfast, Dessert

February 4th is National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. If you're not making your ice cream into SPICE cream, you're definitely missing out. Here are some of our favorite (and unexpected!) flavor combos for you to try at home. With Vanilla: • Madras Curry may surprise you as a ...

Any Tea Chinese Paper-Wrapped Spongecakes

| Sherrie Hahn


This is one of my favorite Chinese bakery recipes. As a child, having one of these spongecakes was never enough. They’re also perfect for my palate, not too sweet, and never frosted. Imagine marshmallows and clouds had babies; those babies would be these spongecakes. Traditio...

Fluffy-Like-A-Cloud Chiffon Cake

| Jamie Aragonez


From the late 1930s to early 1940s, Ah Ma, my paternal grandmother, learned culinary secrets from restaurants in Vietnam. She passed down only one written recipe, a lemon chiffon cake recipe that I always turn to and treasure. I use about half of the ingredients she used in he...

Perfect Pumpkin Tea Cake

| Amanda Bevill

Desserts, Tea & Chai

Delightfully moist and packed with pumpkin, this tea cake has a deep fall flavor that isn't overpowering.  Hojicha powder is the secret ingredient for a malty, toasted base and we added just a bit of Roast Chai with hints of coriander, cinnamon and clove. Perfectly seasoned wi...

Brown Sugar Iced Hojicha Latte

| Jamie Aragonez

Beverages, Tea & Chai

Hojicha powder is not your typical Japanese green tea. The tea leaves, stems, stalks and twigs are gently roasted for a toasty aroma. Then the mixture is ground to a fine powder that resembles cocoa. This powder is so versatile! You can enjoy it hot or cold, and in baking. Fo...

Hojicha Maple Latte

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Beverages, Tea & Chai

Looking for a fresh autumn latte fix? If yes, then hojicha powder is your new best friend. This delicious green tea powder is finely milled to dissolve easily so it's easy to whisk up, no espresso machine needed. And,  unlike  the other green tea powder- yes, matcha- we're tal...

Kat Lieu's Thick and Cakey Hojicha and Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies

| World Spice


From Kat Lieu, author of Modern Asian Baking at Home Confession time! I’ve never been much of a cookie person until I made gigantic monster cookies, like the monster matcha miso cookies in my cookbook, Modern Asian Baking at Home. My verdant and gigantic cookies became an obs...