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Recipes with Ginger Powder

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Rhubarb Rugelach

| Jamie Aragonez

Holiday, Desserts, Brunch

Rugelach has been on our "must make" list forever and now that we've done it, there will be more! An entire batch of these vanished during one shift at the spice shop and I'll not say how may of us were working. I can confidently say that this recipe is a keeper. The dough is ...

Matcha Smoothie Bowl

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Brunch

Food should be a feast for the senses and this stunning breakfast bowl is made visually vibrant with  powder. This nutrient dense green tea powder gives you a boost of energy and anti-oxidants in every teaspoon. The color is intense, but the mild vegetal flavor pairs with all ...

Juniper Duck Breast Pastrami

| Jamie Aragonez

Brunch, Entrees

Make your own pastrami! Easy? Yes. Impressive? Yes. Delicious? YES!!!! This pastrami will bring Pacific Northwest flavors to your charcuterie board and guests clamoring for more. berries impart sweet, piney flavors with citrus top notes that play perfectly with . The smoky la...

Tofu Salad with Gomasio and Chili Threads

| Jamie Aragonez

Salads, Entrees

If you're not a fan of tofu, this salad may convert you. Tofu is a sponge and it takes on any flavor you marinate it in, so the right seasoning can totally transform this healthy protein. We spiced it up this time, and infused the tofu overnight in soy sauce, ginger, and garl...

Orange, Cinnamon and Cranberry Tart

| Jamie Aragonez

Holiday, Desserts

Spring 2020. I was craving pie. Sadly, I had no flour and no fresh fruit, aside from an old orange. Thus, the Cranberry and Orange Tart was born out of pure necessity. Dried cranberries were used here, but dried tart cherries can easily be substituted. For this, the crust is m...

Poudre Forte

| Sherrie Hahn

Desserts, Entrees

Poudre Forte is a wonderful spice mix that was used throughout medieval Europe and is still used today by culinary recreationists. The actual components may vary, but Poudre Forte, or "strong powder," is commonly based on cinnamon, clove and black pepper, some of the most impo...

Chow Fun - lemongrass sausage, pea vines, mint

| Sherrie Hahn


Our September 2018 Cookbook Club selection i\was from James Beard Best Chef-nominee Rachel Yang, who with her husband, Seif Chirchi, owns three restaurants in Seattle (Joule, Trove, and Revel) and one in Portland (Revelry). My Rice Bowl - korean cooking outside the lines is a ...

Curried Beef and Tendon with Turnip

| Sherrie Hahn


We love the use of spice and combining of textures in this curry dish from the August 2017 Cookbook Club selection The Adventures of Fat Rice by Abraham Conlon, Adrienne Lo, and Hugh Amano. From the Author: "In Macau “turnip” usually means daikon, or another large radish, so ...

Grilled Chicken and Pineapple with Ayam Peanut Sauce

| Amanda Bevill

Bbq, Tailgating, Entrees

Ayam peanut chicken has been on my summer menu for years, and this updated version is the best one yet. Our spice lends the peanut sauce a special flavor to peanut sauce that puts it over the top. The spicing is notable but not overpowering and paired with peanut and citrus m...

Golden Milk

| Amanda Bevill


Golden Milk is a delightful warm, spiced beverage often sipped before bed for its healing properties. The key ingredients are milk and turmeric, and from there variations abound! Most begin with a non-dairy milk and a healthy dose of turmeric, along with other spices to round ...