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Recipes with Berbere

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Thackeray Ethiopian-Spiced Fried Chicken and Za'atar-Spiced Kale Slaw

| Sherrie Hahn


A while back, we stopped for lunch at Thackeray restaurant and had a meal that totally blew us away. The lamb shawarma and Spanish prawn bowl were both fantastic, but the highlight for us was the Ethiopian-spiced fried chicken, served with a side of some simply amazing slaw. ...

Berbere Ketchup

| Sherrie Hahn

Sauces & Dressings

Folks just love their ketchup. Whether it's for fries, hashbrowns or barbecues, there's always a bottle in the refrigerator. Next time you find yourself in need of this essential condiment, use our simple recipe to make this version at home. We like our this recipe spicy, so w...