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Recipes with Annatto

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Achiote Paste

| Sherrie Hahn


Fun alert! Spices offer so many ways to play with flavor and texture, and making achiote paste is a great one. Made with a combination of annatto seeds, spices and a little bit of liquid to bind it together, the paste can be used in a variety of rubs, marinades and sauces. Ann...

Caribbean Yellow Rice

| Sherrie Hahn

Side Dishes

The yellow rice often served as a side at Latin or Caribbean restaurants is easy to make at home, with the right ingredients. The dish gets its signature color from the addition of Annatto Oil, and not from turmeric or saffron as one might expect. To make your own, begin by s...

Annatto Oil

| Sherrie Hahn

Sauces & Dressings

is used in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine to give food a rich savory flavor and striking color. The tiny, hard seeds are often infused into oil to make them easier to use, resulting in a deep red liquid that can be kept on hand to quickly add to meat, rice, or other rec...

Tostadas de Higado de Pollo

| World Spice

Snacky Bits

What's that? Chicken Liver Toasts with Caramelized Onions, Mango and Watercress! That's right, the World Spice Cookbook Club "went" to Puerto Rico -- at least our tastebuds did. This is one of the delicious bites that was prepared for the July 2015 Meet & Eat featuring Cocina ...