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Recipes with Allspice

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Achiote Paste

| Sherrie Hahn


Fun alert! Spices offer so many ways to play with flavor and texture, and making achiote paste is a great one. Made with a combination of annatto seeds, spices and a little bit of liquid to bind it together, the paste can be used in a variety of rubs, marinades and sauces. Ann...

DIY Amaretto

| Amanda Bevill

Beverages, Cocktails

Better than store-bought, this liqueur boasts a rich caramel flavor embellished with toasted spices, almonds and apricots. Not for immediate gratification, this process takes a month to complete but the outcome is well worth it. Toasting the spices and caramelizing the sugar m...

Allspice Mushroom Medley

| Jamie Aragonez

Appetizers, Brunch, Side Dishes

Use allspice in savory sides and discover a whole new world of flavor possibilities. A simple mushroom medley transforms into a spice bazaar with this one simple addition. Allspice is an all-in-one spice. It has warm, sweet notes of cinnamon and nutmeg and zingy notes of ginge...

Allspice Panna Cotta

| Jamie Aragonez


Panna cotta is delicate and not overly sweet, making it a perfect vehicle for showcasing rich and distinctive flavors. For a late summer dessert that pairs well with the bounty of seasonal fruit, we whipped up a batch of this Italian treat and infused it with allspice. This li...

Clarified Milk Punch

| Jamie Aragonez

Beverages, Cocktails

Mixolology is much more than a hobby to me, and the chef in me loves this drink because of all the science involved. The key to the punch's clarity is the milk proteins, which cling to all of the impurities in the mixture. Once strained, the result is a flavorful elixir that w...

English Beef Rub

| Sherrie Hahn


English Beef Rub offers up a bold combination of cinnamon and juniper along with salt and pepper for incredible flavor! Influenced by medieval beef rubs, the intense flavors stand up to and takes the edge off of gamey flavors in meat. Perfect for elk and venison, as well as be...

Brining Basics

| Amanda Bevill


Every year, as we head into the holiday season, people begin to ask us about brining their turkeys. Is it worth the extra hassle? Does it really lead to a juicier bird? Well, we’re happy to report "yes!" to both. It’s probably easier than you think, and when done right, will e...

Bajan Chicken Salad

| Max Mcfarland

Entrees, Salads

For this meeting of our World Spice Cookbook Club, we embraced the warm weather with Salmagundi: A Celebration of Salads from around the World. This Bajan chicken salad, a recipe from the book, combines allspice, cumin, paprika and oregano with a mix of fresh, bright-tasting i...

Roasted Quail Feast for Valentines Day

| World Spice

Entrees, Side Dishes, Sauces & Dressings

Exotic. Aromatic. Romantic. We prepared this intimate feast with a table for two in mind. Succulent quail are perfectly roasted with our Moroccan blend, Ras El Hanout, hinting at rose petals. The finishing touch, a warm coriander infused honey glaze. Our Wild Rice Pilaf featur...

Berbere Ketchup

| Sherrie Hahn

Sauces & Dressings

Folks just love their ketchup. Whether it's for fries, hashbrowns or barbecues, there's always a bottle in the refrigerator. Next time you find yourself in need of this essential condiment, use our simple recipe to make this version at home. We like our this recipe spicy, so w...