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Moroccan Recipes

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Ras El Hanout Cherry Pie

| Jamie Aragonez


It pays to think outside the π because some unexpected combinations just work! Our house blended is a beautifully eccentric medley and it plays delightfully in fruit desserts. This rustic recipe doesn't require a pre-cook of the filling. Just toss the filling ingredients toge...

Fig Ras el Hanout Clafoutis

| Jamie Aragonez

Desserts, Breakfast, Brunch

The spicy aromas wafting out of our storefront next to Pike Place Market bring in all sorts of curious noses off the street. There's no one spice that exactly mimics that unique scent, but is probably the next best thing! Our signature recipe for this classic Middle Eastern b...

Moroccan Chicken Salad

| Amanda Bevill

Salads, Brunch

We love coming up with new recipes using our Cascade Mushroom Mix, featured in this Middle Eastern chicken salad. Adding the mushroom mix to the marinade was key, and the umami flavor magic made the meat "meatier". For this salad, we paired the mushroom mix with exotic Morocca...