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Middle Eastern Recipes

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Sheet Pan Advieh Chicken

| Jamie Aragonez

Entrees, One Pot Meals, Sheet Pan Suppers, Dinner

The mess in the kitchen is minimal and does the heavy lifting. The savory flavors of cumin, coriander and black pepper compliment the chicken, while the floral notes of rose, true cinnamon and cardamom bring out the sweetness in the carrots and caramelized onions.   Your shee...

Rose Simple Syrup

| Jamie Aragonez

Beverages, Desserts, Tea & Chai

and their petals have been used around the world for centuries to subtly add fragrance and sweetness to dessert and beverages. This recipe is 3 ingredients and it can be used a dozen ways. It's a great tool to have on hand if you have company for a fun floral drink. You don't...

Hawaij Chicken Stew

| Jamie Aragonez

Soups, Entrees

Often, we crave something warm and filling but don't want to feel so heavy afterwards. This is the stew we're looking for! It's light, but hearty with flavor and is the perfect cozy meal for a cold, grey winter day. It's seasoned with , a Yemeni all-purpose seasoning made of b...

Saffron Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

| Amanda Bevill


There's no shortage of pumpkin pairings these days, and the beloved spicing tends to be loud and proud. But why not switch it up? Winter is long and there are pumpkins aplenty. For a mellow change of pace, we explored a pivot to the sweet side with saffron and vanilla in this ...

Cedar Plank Za'atar Salmon

| Jamie Aragonez


Who doesn't love a recipe with only a few ingredients but a TON of flavor? This salmon is bold, smoky, flaky, and delicious. Enjoy it hot and fresh off of the plank or the next day in a tasty salad. We liberally sprinkled some Syrian Za'atar on a couple of sides of sockeye sal...

Arabic Chicken Kabsa

| Jamie Aragonez


Kabsa is thought of as the national dish of many Arab states. Consisting of rice, meat, spices and often vegetables, all the ingredients in Kabsa are traditionally cooked in a single pot. The protein often varies by region, and can include beef, goat, or even camel. Chicken is...

Baharat Chewy Molasses Cookies

| Sherrie Hahn


Molasses cookies are such a treat. Delightfully moist and chewy, there's no other cookie quite like them. You'll find a wide range of recipes for these sweet and spicy snacks, containing ingredients ranging from cocoa powder to orange zest, and all sorts of spices in between! ...

Advieh Date Bars

| Sherrie Hahn

Snacks, Desserts

Dates deserve more credit! They have a rich, fruity taste, similar to a raisin, with a honey or caramel sweetness. It's a versatile flavor, making them fantastic in all sorts of food. Growing up, I loved the date bars my mother would make from a mix she found at the grocery st...

Saffron Barberry Nougat

| Amanda Bevill

Holiday, Desserts

Yes, really! This stunner of a candy recipe makes a festive treat for the holidays. Sweet and chewy, tart and crunchy, it is impossible to resist. Two pinches of saffron are enough to get a hint of color and perfectly balanced flavor, but you can always add more if a stronger ...

Besar Candied Yams

| Amanda Bevill

Side Dishes

Orange juice and our Besar spice blend are delicious additions to classic candied yams. This bright and colorful side dish is simple to prepare and full of festive flavors. Don't get me wrong, I love marshmallows as much as the next sweet tooth, but I like to save mine for coc...