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African Recipes

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Banana Fritters with Voatsiperyfery Sugar

| Jamie Aragonez

Side Dishes, Desserts

Banana Fritters are an indulgent treat and the perfect flavor canvas for a sprinkle of voatsiperifery sugar. A wild, single origin pepper from the rainforest of Madagascar, voatsiperifery is aromatic and floral on the nose, with a robust pepper flavor on the palate. The scent ...

Harissa Grilled Chicken Wings

| Keith Moore

Bbq, Tailgating, Entrees

Chicken wings are a perfect game day dish, and our winning strategy scores with bold flavor! A quick toss in a  dry rub followed with a saucy glaze combining butter, lemon paste, vinegar and honey brings the platter to the table without much fuss and they are absolutely delici...

Tabil Plantain Chips

| Jamie Aragonez

Bbq, Tailgating, Snacky Bits

At the shop, we are frequently asked, "what spice is underrated?" The Tunisian blend  is our go-to answer. It's a simple blend consisting of caraway, garlic, chile flakes, and coriander. All of the spices get toasted to bring out their nutty, umami notes. We took green (under ...

Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with Orange-Rhubarb Glaze

| Amanda Bevill

Holiday, Entrees

Give boneless leg of lamb the royal treatment with and . Ras el Hanout is the spice merchants showcase of their finest flavors, and ours is a blend of 24 spices with sweet and savory, piquant and floral notes blended to perfection. Combined with Moroccan Meyer Lemon Paste, an...

Baharat Chocolate "Kielbasa"

| Sherrie Hahn

Holiday, Desserts

This recipe was inspired by the chocolate kielbasa in Kachka, a cookbook from the Portland, Oregon restaurant of the same name. We first tried it at a Tom Douglas Cookbook Social and were instantly taken with the unique recipe. Don't be turned off by the unusual name! Think of...

Sheet Pan Rose Harissa Shrimp

| Jamie Aragonez


We don't always have time to make elaborate meals. When time is short, but you still want to feel good about what we're eating... go for the sheet pan. Sheet pan dinners are a favorite of ours for a quick, healthy, and flavorful meal. They typically have only a few ingredients...

Rose Harissa Paste

| Sherrie Hahn

Sauces & Dressings, Pastes

Ottolenghi fans rejoice! If you can't find the Rose Harissa Paste that is called for in some of his recipes we've got you covered so now you can make your own. We've adapted our best selling blend with addition of roses to give it a special sweetness and devised this quick an...

Crunchy Harissa Lemon Pickled Vegetables

| Amanda Bevill

Side Dishes, Sauces & Dressings, Bbq, Snacky Bits

These overnight pickled vegetables are easy to make and delicious! They are crunchy and full of flavor with the warm spice of Harissa, bright Meyer lemon paste and a hint of honey. Serve as a crunchy salad topper or condiment on a lamb sandwich or in fish tacos. Go ahead and d...

African Peanut Soup with Grains of Paradise

| Amanda Bevill

Soups, Entrees

This West African soup recipe combines sweet potatoes and peanut butter with Grains of Paradise. The flavors balance beautifully and are a wonderful showcase for this exotic spice. This mythical African spice has a mild peppery taste with floral top notes that hint at ginger a...

Thackeray Ethiopian-Spiced Fried Chicken and Za'atar-Spiced Kale Slaw

| Sherrie Hahn


A while back, we stopped for lunch at Thackeray restaurant and had a meal that totally blew us away. The lamb shawarma and Spanish prawn bowl were both fantastic, but the highlight for us was the Ethiopian-spiced fried chicken, served with a side of some simply amazing slaw. ...