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Condiment : Recipes by Amanda Bevill

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Huckleberry Gravy

| Amanda Bevill

Condiment, Main

Thickening the gravy can be a hit or miss pinch point on a feast day and this reduction takes the stress out but keeps the flavor in. Once it is simmering, you can leave it largely unattended until the flavors cook down to your desired consistency. Huckleberry Gravy has been a...

Chinese Five Spice Plum Sauce

| Amanda Bevill


When life gives you plums, make plum sauce! And plum cardamom bread, but that's another story. Plum sauce is a traditional complement for grilled meats in Asian cuisine and is a wonderful pairing with duck, pork, chicken or salmon. It is easy to make and is an ideal way to pre...

Besar Cranberry Chutney

| Amanda Bevill

Condiment, Sauces & Dressings

The rich and toasty taste of our Besar blend makes an ideal complement for the pop of fresh cranberry in this exotic twist on a holiday classic. Candied ginger and dried apricots round out the fruity flavors, and the result is an intensely flavored chutney that you can serve w...

Advieh Fig Preserves

| Amanda Bevill

Condiment, Sauces & Dressings, Desserts

Figs are such a versatile fruit, conjuring both exotic images of relief under shade trees in a desert oasis and the comfort of a fireside holiday treat. We've whipped up a spiced fig preserve that lives up to that reputation. Rich with wine, balsamic vinegar, orange, spices an...