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Presunto and Cheese Rolls

| Jamie Aragonez

Brunch, Bread & Pasta

"Every Saturday when I was growing up, my mother would go to the local Portuguese bakery and buy a dozen chouriço rolls—torpedo-shaped logs stuffed with sausage. By Monday, they were gone, mostly due to me. To dress up my childhood classic, I add presunto and cheese, and somet...

Voatsiperifery Macerated Berries

| Jamie Aragonez

Brunch, Desserts

Voatsiperifery is a rare find, a single-origin pepper variety found in the rainforests of Madagascar. It's not just fun to say! It has a dazzling array of flavors, from floral and camphor notes to a sassy pepper peak. Here, we've created an easy simple syrup to capture the bes...

Italian Herb Quinoa Tart

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Brunch, Side Dishes

We love quiche but it's a bit of a commitment, so for a quick and easy alternative to fill the quiche niche, we created this tart. It has all of the brunch flavors you crave, but instead of making a classic custard we folded together cooked quinoa, eggs and fresh ricotta salat...

Garden-Veggie Focaccia

| Jamie Aragonez

Brunch, Side Dishes, Bread & Pasta

Garden-Veggie Focaccia is fun to make and a tabletop stunner. Both rewarding and forgiving, this recipe bakes up spongy on the inside with a crispy cheese crust. The secret to getting the top layer golden brown is our Nigella Caesar blend. It has all of the savory flavors of C...

Spiced Yogurt Custard Toast

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Snacks, Brunch

We were wowed by this kid friendly recipe popping up all over our social feeds lately. We had to try it! The result is crunchy, warm and will remind you of the best bread pudding. It tastes just as indulgent without the calories. Perfect for Easter or Mother's Day brunch, you ...

Irish Rarebit

| Jamie Aragonez

Entrees, Brunch

What is Rarebit anyway? Think beer and cheese fondue on toast. A perfect snack for a St. Patrick's Day buffet, this Irish twist on a classic is boldly spiced with mustard and Worcestershire powders, and of course a spot of Guinness. Rye bread gives the toast a stand-up flavor ...

Winter Citrus Salad

| Jamie Aragonez

Brunch, Side Dishes

After the glow of the holidays have faded and the delight in winter squash begins to pale, suddenly it's citrus season! Winter often gets overlooked for its fruit bounty so keep your eyes open and don't miss out. I always know it's time when the abundance of citrus in grocery ...

Roast Chai Gluten-Free Waffles

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Brunch

This recipe was a no-brainer. The staff has been cooking with our Roast Chai for years. This masala blend is nutty, warm, and toasted; making it delicious for baked goods. This chai has coriander, cinnamon, fennel, cumin, black pepper, and cloves. This Chai is malty and, once ...

Gingerbread Pumpkin Butter

| Jamie Aragonez

Holiday, Breakfast, Brunch

Two holiday favorites were combined into one treat with this recipe and it's easy to make and keep on hand for the whole season. If you're like me, you want any excuse to snack on holiday flavors so we spiced this pumpkin butter with our Gingerbread Spice. It contains all the ...

Blueberry Butterfly Pea Flower Muffins

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Brunch, Snacky Bits, Bread & Pasta

Who doesn't love a mini muffin? Sometimes we need the perfect little bite with our morning cup of coffee or a tasty snack to keep us going. These darling muffins are just the thing. They get their sky blue color from Butterfly Pea Flowers. We opted to make these gluten-free fo...