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World Spice Recipe Box

Presunto and Cheese Rolls

| Jamie Aragonez

Brunch, Bread & Pasta

"Every Saturday when I was growing up, my mother would go to the local Portuguese bakery and buy a dozen chouriço rolls—torpedo-shaped logs stuffed with sausage. By Monday, they were gone, mostly due to me. To dress up my childhood classic, I add presunto and cheese, and somet...

Pho-Nominal Chicken Soup

| Jamie Aragonez

Entrees, Soups

Making a flavorful pot of pho at home is easy with our blend. For this recipe we created a chicken pho, or Pho Ga, but the beauty of this broth blend is that it is so versatile it can be used for whatever type of pho you are craving, so you can pick and choose your favorite m...

White Chocolate Rose Sandies

| Jamie Aragonez


Inspired by the pecan sandie, these crispy cookies are as decadent as they are delectable. The secret? White chocolate, which caramelizes as it bakes accentuating the nuttiness of the pistachios. And we can't forget about , which accompany the chocolate with delicate floral no...

Chicken Tikka Masala

| Jamie Aragonez


Charred under the broiler and then simmered in sauce, this classic British dish is a powerhouse of flavor and texture. British dish? Not kidding! An adaptation of classic Indian cuisine created by Bengali chefs to appeal to the British palate, this cultural fusion has practica...

Perfect Pumpkin Tea Cake

| Amanda Bevill

Desserts, Tea & Chai

Delightfully moist and packed with pumpkin, this tea cake has a deep fall flavor that isn't overpowering.  Hojicha powder is the secret ingredient for a malty, toasted base and we added just a bit of Roast Chai with hints of coriander, cinnamon and clove. Perfectly seasoned wi...

Brown Sugar Iced Hojicha Latte

| Jamie Aragonez

Beverages, Tea & Chai

Hojicha powder is not your typical Japanese green tea. The tea leaves, stems, stalks and twigs are gently roasted for a toasty aroma. Then the mixture is ground to a fine powder that resembles cocoa. This powder is so versatile! You can enjoy it hot or cold, and in baking. Fo...

Roast Chai Pecan Pie

| Jamie Aragonez

Dessert, Holiday

This pecan pie is not too far from the classic, but brings in a whole new world of flavor. We've spiced it with our Roast Chai to give it depth of flavor and temper the sweet. The chai blend is a toasted combination of warm spices like clove and cinnamon along with coriander a...

Spiced Monkey Bread

| Jamie Aragonez


Monkey bread is most often sweet, and served with a drizzle of syrupy glaze. The soft, chewy rolls of dough are piled high and baked in a bundt pan. To eat them you pick the pieces apart like a monkey! It's fun to eat and a festive addition to a potluck or holiday table. Here...

David Leite's Favorite Portuguese Paste

| World Spice


From David Leite What's great about this paste is that it's infinitely customizable. Sometimes I double the garlic, add more tomato paste, a big handful of chopped fresh parsley, cilantro, thyme, or rosemary—whatever I have on hand. And for those chiliheads out there, feel fr...

Hojicha Maple Latte

| Jamie Aragonez

Breakfast, Beverages, Tea & Chai

Looking for a fresh autumn latte fix? If yes, then hojicha powder is your new best friend. This delicious green tea powder is finely milled to dissolve easily so it's easy to whisk up, no espresso machine needed. And,  unlike  the other green tea powder- yes, matcha- we're tal...