Global Grill: Seasoning Salts

World Spice Original Blends / Three- One Cup Jars
Global Grill: Seasoning Salts
This hefty set of seasoning salts will add a world of flavor to your next cook-out that you can't get anywhere else. Each one has a distinctive taste, and there is something for every dish and palate. Voodoo is our "all purpose" seasoning. Bold and chunky, it has big flavor that can stand up to beef but has enough range to go on fish and vegetables too. Svaneti Salt is a traditional Georgian blend with coriander, caraway and a hint of chile that lends an unexpected and sophisticated flavor to grilled meats and sides. Provencal Salt is bright and herbal with flavors that bring to mind the sunniest summer picnics- ideal for chicken, fish and vegetables. 
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