Seattle Salmon Rub Gift Jar

Single Gift Jar
  • Double sized salmon rub gift


Spice up your salmon with a true Seattle original! For this blend, we used lightly toasted base spices to deepen the flavor of the fish, and added star anise and orange peel for a blend that celebrates our close ties with Asia while remaining decidedly Northwest. This grilling favorite comes packaged in a super-sized gift jar! These hefty jars look just like those found on an everyday spice rack, but they're BIG, 5" tall and 2 1/2" in diameter, holding a generous one-cup helping of your favorite flavors. So go ahead and give the gift of spice, or simply stock up on staples for the season.

Contains: Orange Peel, Brown Sugar, Star Anise, Cumin, Coriander, Kosher Salt, Fennel Seed, Tellicherry Pepper

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