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Commercial Accounts

At World Spice, we are pleased to work with a top-notch line up of culinary professionals to provide all the pure spices, blends and services they need to keep their flavors fresh and vibrant.

It’s not hard to find it here

We go to the ends of the earth to provide an extensive selection of pure herbs and spices and artisan blends. At World Spice, we offer all the classics alongside hard-to-find exotics. Our broad selection and expertise makes it easy to satisfy all your spice needs and our selection goes beyond any other commercial source.

Pure Herbs & Spices

With 128 pure spices and herbs from 37 countries, we offer everything from Asafoetida to Zingiber.

Original Blends

Freshly made by hand, in small batches and ground to order, the alchemy of our original World Spice blends is unmatched. Plus our artisan quality standards mean our blends are never adulterated with excess salt or fillers.

What you need, how you need it

Being required to order large ‘minimums’ can be costly and potentially very wasteful. Plus, the thought of all that lovely spice sitting around getting stale makes us sad, so we’ve solved the problem two ways.

From a Cup to a Quart

Not all spices are used in the same proportion. Our low minimums make it easy to get the quantity you need to keep your spice pantry fresh. Order by weight or by volume to get just the right amount. We also offer an affordable collection of airtight containers in several sizes that can be refilled to cut down on packaging.

Custom Blending

Already have the perfect spice blend? With a time-tested touch, our blend masters can craft them precisely to your specifications, and keep the recipe on file to make ordering simple. The confidentiality of your recipes is always guaranteed.

As always - we are just an email or phone call away to assist you.

If you are purchasing for a restaurant or other culinary profession and would like to open a commercial account, please request a commercial account.